Quick and Easy Vinaigrette

Everyday Italian salad dressing is a simple and versatile vinaigrette that is easy to make and will make your weeknight dinners a little more special. With the mix of vinegar and the addition of honey, this dressing is tangy, refreshing, and a little sweet too. Mix up a batch in minutes that will last you the whole week. It’s perfect over green salads, vegetable salads, pasta salads, and as a marinade.

Everyday Italian Salad Dressing | The Night-Time Cook


Store-bought salad dressings may contain additives and artificial flavors. If you are trying to be healthier and eat a salad every day, you might be squashing your effort with…

Get some breakfast-in-bed this Mother’s Day. Share this recipe with your hubby and kids.

Italian Egg Bake | The Night-Time Cook

Just because breakfast casseroles are an easy, make-ahead way to feed a crowd, it doesn’t mean that they can’t also be elegant and beyond tasty. What makes this Italian egg bake so scrumptious is the quality and choice of ingredients. This Italian egg bake (also known as strata) is made from crusty ciabatta bread, tangy smoked mozzarella, sweet and meaty sun-dried tomatoes, and the freshest spinach from a local farm. …

Cook with Love. Make some Meatballs.

Me, the Night Time Cook, holding a wooden spoon with a saucy meatball and offering it to you.
Me, the Night Time Cook, holding a wooden spoon with a saucy meatball and offering it to you.
Savory Meatballs | The Night Time Cook

Some people have a hard time expressing their emotions.

I have that problem.

Well, that’s not entirely true. It sometimes is easier for me to express sadness and anger than it is to express empathy and compassion. Just the thought of finding the words makes me panic. How can I say what you mean to me or just how sorry I am?

I’m sure my childhood wasn’t unique. I came from a broken home. I was a latch-key kid. I ate before my mother walked through the door from a long day’s work. My mom would wake up very early…

I love your tips on how to bring mac and cheese back to life. I'm going to try adding some cream, nutmeg, and dry mustard the next time I need to reheat some. Also, grandma's are the best. My first lessons in the kitchen were taught to me by my gram, too.

The Iconic Snack of Sicily

A fried arancini ball on a white plate with a dollop of red marinara sauce in the center.
A fried arancini ball on a white plate with a dollop of red marinara sauce in the center.
Arancini: Sicilian Stuffed Rice Balls with Leftover Risotto | The Night Time Cook

Classic arancini are Sicilian rice balls made from leftover risotto stuffed with ragu, prosciutto, cheese, and peas. These little rice balls are dipped in batter, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. The crunchy exterior gives way to creamy, soft risotto, stuffed with meaty, salty, gooey deliciousness. Serve arancini as is or with a dipping sauce. These Sicilian stuffed riced balls make a great appetizer or side. Serve it with a vinegary salad or a tangy soup, like roasted tomato soup with basil, bacon, and blue cheese.

Who Invented Arancini Rice Balls?

Arancini originated in 10th-century Sicily when the island was under Arab rule. It is said that Arabs put saffron rice in the palm of their hand and seasoned it with lamb.

Arancini means “little oranges” in Italian, referring to the color of the crust, and the interior rice, sometimes colored orange with saffron. Sicilian arancini rice balls are an iconic dish of Sicily. These fried rice croquettes are served year-round but are most popular during the Feast of St. Lucy. The Feast of St. …

Enjoy risotto in spring!

Photo by the Night Time Cook

Make this creamy, comforting, and fresh risotto topped with mint pesto and spring vegetables, and a little prosciutto, too. This spring pesto risotto recipe is a great Italian dish for a special occasion like a Mother’s Day brunch or just a perfect weeknight meal. I’ll show you how to make risotto ahead of time, so you can prepare dinner even faster.

What is Risotto?

Risotto is a dish from northern Italy made with short- or medium-grain rice, like Arborio. Rice for making risotto contains a higher content of starch called amylopectin. It’s the slow release of amylopectin that creates risotto’s creamy texture. Risotto…

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